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Since HGH and aging are closely related , then the thus arises , in order to improve the level of reduced HGH can HGH supplement prevent aging and inhibiting the progress of aging .

  Since Dr Vladimir radmanovic’s paper was published, Many doctors and researchers around the world do a lot of work on how to supplementary HGH. Specifically , To improve the level of HGH in the body, the body of change are studied.

  The results showed that HGH supplement has the following effect. Here are a few main content.

  Including reduced body fat , increase muscle mass and enhance the vitality of everyday life , improve mood, improve cognitive ability and restore immune function, strengthen bones , lower cholesterol and blood pressure , accelerate wound healing, strengthen the skin and restore smooth skin , promote hair regrowth and restore vision …… so a variety of effects.

  • No supplement HGH and HGH levels improve methods

If there ‘s no supplement of HGH , is there any way to improve HGH level?

In fact in elderly people around 40-50 years old , the majority of which do not need to supplement HGH but through exercise therapy combined with diet therapy, and dietary supplements ( nutritional food supplements ) can promote the release of HGH of the body after intake of essential nutrients , thus increasing the body ‘s HGH level.

For example , studies have shown that aerobic exercise and jogging and other sports, can be a normal HGH levels by 1.5 to 2.5 times . Further, the concentration of stool using dumbbell weight training can be improved 3-5 times the level of HGH .

Diet should eat less sugary and starchy foods , and eating a low fat content and high protein content of foods. This can further enhance the effect of exercise , HGH is also stable release . However , obesity will hinder the release of HGH , so the people that more than the standard weight should first think of ways to lose weight.

Surprising effect on adults

  In this effect and the function of HGH is a more specific description . For example, such data ( Medical College of Wisconsin L • C • Professor Terry published in December 1996 )

  39- 74 – year – old men and women, were 900 results show that after using HGH cholesterol levels and neutral fat (triglycerides) significantly reduced.These are easy to cause the arteriosclerosis of the cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.And reported 80% of the people not only muscle mass increases, but also has to improve muscle strength and endurance, while 74% body fat loss.

  In addition , the results obtained also includes memory improvement ( 64% ) , increased resistance to disease (73% ) , emotional stability ( 67% ) feel there is a positive attitude to life (80% ) , sexual and increased frequency of sexual activity (76%). Found no significant side effects .

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