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Growth hormone deficiency results in only 21 kg diminutive a 13 -year-old girl

13 years old , for a girl , is a beautiful life. However, for a girl suffering from short stature Hsiao Zhen , however, it means anxious and helpless. 13 years of age, 116 cm tall , 21 kg in weight, brought her endless troubles.
Growing pains : often been accused shorty
May 13 afternoon, when her father took the hand , walked into the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, Longhua Road clinic .
” First grade of primary school?” Queue up when there is a old lady say hello to her . From the outside, this little girl wearing a school uniform is not much difference with a first grade student of primary school , as Slap the size of a small face, a pair of big eyes, tiny hands , tiny feet , arms and legs are thin .
Hsiao father’s face filled with bitterness , he put in the hands of medical records clenched tighter. Medical records , her height is 116 cm tall , weighs 21 kg , with an usual first-graders similar. However , her age is wrong : Born in September 2000 , this year has been 13 years old.
And Hsiao- age children, most of them on the seven grade, and can Hsiao because so short , too late enrollment this year, before the fourth grade . Even so , in the class , she is still one of the shortest . “Often people call me shorty , make me angry , ” said Hsiao head down .
” At home, I got to help my mother cook ,wash her brother’s clothes ; at school, I always scores 85 points or more .” Hsiao grumbled , “In addition to short stature , I’m not worse than others , why they laugh at me ? ”
Family poverty : no money can only be discontinued
In 2006 , when her father took her to the hospital , made a number of checks , the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency caused short stature . Doctors recommend its supplemental human growth hormone symptomatic treatment.
” Hsiao very sensible, watching the children grow into this , When their parents could not love dearly. Cure this disease, requires a continuous infusion of growth hormone , however, poor economic conditions at home , off and on , for the treatment of children less than a year , stopped the drugs . ” Hsiao ‘s father said they came to live in wenchang qinglan port rent for a living, he odd jobs on the ship, often went to sea fishing, the wife earn living by pulling passenger tricycle. Shipowner earn 100 dollars, I could be assigned to 10 dollars .” Hsiao ‘s father said , sea fishing , tricycle pulling are both hard manual labor , but do not earn much money. A person live frugally , wanted to give her height cure , but always beyond their grasp .
Doctor: continued treatment there is hope to grow taller
Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital chief physician for Hsiao Chen Zhi impressed .
“In 2006, when her father took her the hospital , looking for me to see a doctor , At that time of her height is the same with a one year old child.” Chen Chi said Hsiao ‘s disease is typical , is caused by human growth hormone deficiency short stature , cure this disease , the younger the better. However, because of economic reasons , Hsiao failed to adhere to treatment , and now the growth conditions is far from ideal. “For a girl, more than 150 cm tall , the crowd was unobtrusive . Hsiao now to calculate the height , she also needs to grow more than 30 centimeters to 150 centimeters. 13 -year-old is the peak growth stage, she has entered the development stage ,if she grows, the possibility of height growth is smaller and smaller, and therefore , Time is pressing . ”
It is understood that the cost of treatment Hsiao is 15,000 -20,000 dollars a year for three years, if the continuous treatment , it takes between 45,000 to 60,000 dollars .
“I’m dreaming of some taller .” Hsiao said, ” If you could grow 30 cm higher , I will not be laughed at .”
” I know it is imperative to treat the child , but no money .” Hsiao ‘s father through the newspaper to the community for help , hoping to have a loving caring person or a businessman can help this child .


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