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The secretion of Human Growth Hormone can be promoted in two ways – through sleep and through workouts including exercises and sports. In order to understand the effect of these factors on your HGH you must have brief information in this regard provided in this write-up.

Your body produces naturally a powerful substance known as HGH in a pulsating or rhythmic manner for the proper growth of the tissues of your body. They grow rapidly in younger age which decreases gradually with the increase in age if its secretion is not boosted through exercises and sports or through certain supplements. The growth of Human Growth hormone involves the changes in muscles tissues for re-modelling collagen tissues and bones especially for the people looking for adding lean muscle mass to their body.

The exercises and sports along with a good sleep are the best natural sources for boosting the secretion of HGH as they play a great role in the release of this hormone.

Sleep: During the first part of your night sleep the growth of HGH is considered to be the highest when your body gets optimum rest after getting into your bed. You obstruct the growth of this hormone if you cut short your night sleep.

Sports and exercises: Any physical activity, sports or exercise, helps in boosting the growth of this hormone in your body in a natural manner. They help in increasing its release in a number of ways including:

  • Straight forward stimulation by catecholamines

  • Improvement in nervous input

  • Changes in the balance of bodily acids and bases along with nitric oxide and lactic oxide

All of these changes can impact differently on the growth of HGH through different exercises and sports like resistance and endurance training programs along with take home workout kits.

Resistance training: The exercises and sports supporting resistance training are considered as one of the best sources of promoting the exercise induced secretion of HGH. Frequency and intensity are the main factors that help in increasing the production of this hormone. When a bodybuilder lifts heavier weight then his body releases greater amount of human growth hormone. Several large muscle groups are used in resistance training programs to get highest release of HGH as muscle fibres play great role in this process.

Endurance training: Frequency, intensity, duration, as well as the type of exercise or sports played play great role in increasing the release of HGH through endurance training programs. According to the experts you can improve the growth of this hormone during and even after 24 hours of participating in any endurance sport or exercise by performing workouts minimum for 10 minutes above the lactate threshold. In fact, shorter bouts of exercise or sports performed just for few minutes regularly can optimize the production of this hormone as your body improves its production in a pulsatile manner. The effect of endurance sports and training programs increases on the production of HGH if you perform them for longer time.

Thus sports can promote the secretion of Human Growth Hormone for the proper growth and recovery of your muscles from injuries of any kind.

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