Genotropin C 5.3MG 16IU

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Pfizer Genotropin Pen HGH (Somatropin).

Somatropin 16iu (5.3mg) per pen.

One pre-filled GoQuick pen (1ml).

Powder and solvent for solution for injection.



Genotropin is a natural growth hormone which has been in use for more than thirty years. It’s vital in the development of muscles and also bones. The growth hormone drug can be used in treating growth failure in both adults and children.
It’s used on adults to treat growth hormone deficiency and short bowel syndrome which leads to weight loss. Ladies suffering from Turner’s syndrome can use Genotropin to curb the health issue. Some of the diseases in children that the growth hormone can heal include:
– Idiopathic Short Stature.
– Small for gestational age.
– Growth hormone deficiency.
– Prader- Willi Syndrome.
Genotropin is usually divided into six or seven weekly dosages. The medication should not be done intravenously but under the skin or in your muscles. You should also use the syringe or dosage pen given by your healthcare for administering the drug.
– Dosage for Pediatrics.
For children, the doses and administration are usually individualized. Over time, the response to Genotropin usually drops. If the patients fail to increase body mass in the first year, it would be good to have a medical assessment done.
– Dosage for Adults.
For adults, two main approaches can be used for its administration. This can either be non-weight based or weight based administration.
1. Non-Weight Based.
This treatment begins with a daily dosage of 0.2mg inconsiderate of the individual’s weight. The dose is then increased after every one to two months. The increment is between 0.1mg-0.2mg depending on the individual’s requirements. The dosage can be reduced if the effects are adverse. Also, if the individual’s serum IGF-I is above their gender and age limit, the dosage can be reduced.
2. Weight-Based.
Depending on the prescribed treatment, a patient is allowed to use not more than 0.04mg/kg in a week. The Genotropin dosage can be increased depending on the requirements of the patient to not more than 0.08mg/kg per week. The increment can be done between a month or two after starting the medication process.

The patient’s response, side effects and also serum IGI-1 levels should help determine the increment. For old individuals, a practitioner can administer a lower dosage. The dose will be increased with small increments depending on the patient’s response. Usually, women need a higher dosage than men to reach the treatment goal.

The drug is administered depending on the condition under treatment. Before taking the medication, it would be vital if you read the description and instructions given well. You should use the growth hormone as stipulated on the guidelines.
Genotropin is usually injected under the skin or into the muscle. You can talk to a medical practitioner to assist and guide you on how to do it. Don’t use the medication if you do not understand the instructions.
You should only prepare your injection when you are ready to use it. Also, you shouldn’t shake the medication since this may make it lethal for use. You should check if the growth hormone medication is cloudy or has strange colors. A patient should follow the stipulated diet to achieve maximum results when using Genotropin. If the medicine comes in Cartridges or injection pens, you should use the particular device to inject the drug into your body.

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