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Growth hormone deficiency, GHD

Growth hormone deficiency, GHD

main content
• Disease overview
• Clinical manifestations, causes
• Auxiliary inspection and diagnosis
• Treatment and prognosis

Disease overview
Growth curve:
Disease overview

Disease overview
The secretion pattern of growth hormone under physiological conditions:

Auxiliary inspection
Growth hormone challenge test:
Auxiliary inspection
Growth medium determination: (IGF-I) and IGFBP3
Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) challenge test: differential diagnosis of hypothalamic and pituitary causes of GHD
Thyroid function test: exclusion of hypothyroidism
Chromosome: Females exclude Turner syndrome
Imaging examination: bone age, shape of the saddle, presence or absence of calcification, pituitary morphology, size, exclusion of tumor
Selection assay: blood ACTH, cortisol, blood sugar, sex hormones to exclude other pituitary hormone deficiency

Diagnose based on:
• Short, height < -2SD
• The bone age is less than 2 years of actual age
• Annual height growth rate <5cm
• GH peak < 10 ug/L • MRI shows the reduction of the anterior pituitary • Some children may be accompanied by diabetes insipidus or hypothyroidism             Differential diagnosis         Treatment (1) Recombinant human growth hormone injection          Recombinant Human Growth          Hormone for Injection   Specification: 30IU/PC   Indications:       Child growth hormone deficiency, Turner’s syndrome, growth disorders caused by chronic renal insufficiency in children, surgery, post-traumatic hypermetabolism (negative nitrogen balance), burns, sepsis sepsis.   Dosage:       The dosage used to promote child growth varies from person to person. The recommended dose is 0.10-15 IU/kg body weight/day, and 3 months is a course of treatment.   method:       1hr subcutaneous injection before bedtime (thigh, upper arm or umbilical circumference)     Treatment (1) Recombinant human growth hormone injection Adverse reactions: Local reaction: red, swollen, itchy skin Hypothyroid hormone (T4) Sodium sulphate retention, intracranial hypertension Very few femoral skulls, spondylolisthesis, joint pain, etc. Produce antibodies (antibody binding effect > 2mg / L affects efficacy)
Regular review of thyroid function after treatment
It should not be used after the injection has been frozen. The powder injection is now ready for use.
Blood glucose >10mmol/L, insulin is required. If the dosage of insulin exceeds 150IU/day, the drug should be discontinued.
(1) Recombinant human growth hormone injection
1, leukemia, intracranial tumors, etc. with caution or disabled
2, diabetic patients, impaired glucose tolerance
3, systemic serious infection and acute shock period
medicine interactions:
1, combined with glucocorticoids, its growth-promoting efficacy can be inhibited, the amount of glucocorticoid should be 2, combined with anabolic hormones and sex hormones, can accelerate the early closure of the epiphysis.


(two) thyroid hormone drugs
Thyroid hormone promotes catabolism and anabolism
Specification: 50μg
Dosage: Complete replacement:     Start with a one-third to one-half of the total replacement, and gradually increase every two weeks.
Note: Patients with hypopituitarism or adrenal insufficiency should use adrenal cortex hormones for several days before administration of levothyroxine sodium.

(C) anabolic hormones and sex hormones
Enhance the synthesis of protein in the body, play a role in promoting growth, but accelerate the effect of osteophyte fusion, only when the bone age is behind the actual age of 3 years old.
• Nandrolone phenylpropionate: 1mg/kg/time, IM, BIW, after 10 injections, the drug is stopped for half a year, and the bone age is reviewed. One year is a course of treatment.
• Combined with estrogen: From 310ug/day, gradually increase the dose according to clinical effects.
• Testosterone enanthate: intramuscular injection: 5 mg each time after 11 years or 12 years, once every 3 weeks, 50 mg every 6 to 9 months until an adult dose of 200 mg is reached.
• 1. It is currently considered difficult to treat this disease, but early treatment is better.
• 2. Drug treatment is mainly hormone therapy and supplementation of trace elements.
• 3. Psychotherapy and diet therapy are also important measures for the treatment of this disease.

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Genetic engineering production of human growth hormone

Genetic engineering production of human growth hormone

Abstract: Human growth hormone (HGH) is a non-glycosylated peptide hormone that stimulates body growth and has important clinical applications. The source of HGH is very limited. It can only be extracted from the pituitary gland of human corpses at first, which is far from meeting the requirements of clinical medication. Modern genetic engineering brings vitality to the production of this hormone, and produces a large amount of recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) by mass culture of microorganisms in vitro. This paper focuses on the main technical routes for the production of rHGH by recombinant Escherichia coli.

Keywords: recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) Escherichia coli fermentation

Scientists have found that human growth stimulating (HGH) is a non-glycosylated protein hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. Natural HGH is a single-stranded spherical acidic protein (isoelectric point 5.2) with a total of 191 amino acid residues. The molecular size is about 22KD, contains two pairs of disulfide bonds, is not glycosylated, and forms a dimer through a disulfide bond between the chains. In-depth scientific research indicates that the Aa peptide of N-terminal 1 to 134 of HGH is an essential active sequence, and the C-terminal peptide acts to stabilize HGH molecules and prevent HGH from being degraded by proteases in the blood; HGH is an exocrine protein, nascent peptide chain For the precursor of active hormone, it needs to be activated by excision of the signal peptide [1].
Human growth hormone has an important role in promoting bone, visceral and systemic growth, activating protein biosynthesis, affecting fat and mineral metabolism, and is one of the key hormones in the body’s development [2,3]. At present, HGH is mainly used in adolescents for short stature, postoperative and severe burns, heart failure, anti-aging, etc. [3]. With the aging of the population and the increasing number of patients with cardiovascular disease, the application of rhGH in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is becoming more and more important. In addition, it has been reported that long-term injection of small doses of HGH (0.81 U / d) can delay the aging of various organ systems, which is an increase in the average life expectancy of people by 20 years. At present, human growth hormone drugs are far from meeting the needs of clinical drugs. Due to the development of biotechnology, recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) has been successfully produced by using genetic recombination technology, and rHGH can be produced in large quantities by fermentation engineering. The following is a focus on the technical route to produce rHGH by genetic engineering.

1. Process development overview

The preparation of human growth hormone has undergone two stages of natural extraction and fermentation production of genetically engineered bacteria. The former has been eliminated due to resource limitation and extraction efficiency of growth hormone, and the latter has undergone two generations of development. The first generation of rHGH was directly expressed in E. coli, resulting in the recombinant protein Met-HGH, a methionine at the N-terminus than native HGH, which produced immunogenicity [2]; and several amino acids attached to the amino terminus were required. Degradation in vitro, after resection can become natural HGH [2].
The second generation of rHGH is a secretory expression type, and the signal peptide of the HGH precursor is automatically excised by a specific signal peptide cleavage enzyme on the inner membrane of the E. coli receptor during secretion to produce a recombinant Phe-HGH which is consistent with the native protein sequence. At the same time, the immunogenicity brought by Met is eliminated [2, 4]. In addition, the use of E. coli and the production of rHGH using eukaryotic microorganisms (including animal cells) has a shorter production cycle and a significantly higher yield. Because of these advantages, the production of recombinant Phe-HGH by E. coli has become the mainstream process for the production of genotropin HGH.

2. Genetic engineering production of rHGH process

2.1. Construction, screening and identification of rHGH engineering bacteria
The HGH full-length gene was first cloned. According to the amino acid sequence of human growth hormone, the codons preferred by E. coli were selected, and a small fragment containing 20 oligonucleotides was artificially synthesized, and the full-length sequence of HGH gene was synthesized by overlapping region PCR amplification. The OmpA signal peptide sequence was added to the structural gene, the NdeI restriction site was designed at the 5′ end, the stop codon TATAGGA was added to the 3′ segment, and the BamHI restriction site was designed [5].
Then, the HGH and PIN-III-OmpA plasmids were separately digested, and the recombinant Phe-HGH expression vector was synthesized under the action of buffer environment and DNA ligase (Fig. 1), and the recombinant molecule was amplified by PCR [2].
The logarithmic Escherichia coli was treated with calcium chloride hypotonic solution in ice bath to become competent cells. The recombinant plasmid was added to form a complex with calcium chloride and adhered to the surface of bacterial cell membrane, and then treated with heat shock at 42 °C. The recombinant plasmid enters competent E. coli due to increased cell membrane permeability [6].

Figure-1 Recombinant Phe-HGH expression vector [2].

The recombinants were screened by single cell cloning and detection of recombinant expression products, and the production was identified from the tissues, and the fermentation production conditions were explored and optimized by the two-sided response method. Finally, the inclined culture method is used to cryopreserve the engineering strain.
2.2. Fermentation production rHGH
The strain is first activated, expanded by a seed tank, and then fermented in a fermentor. The culture conditions are closely monitored during the cultivation process and adjusted as appropriate. The main parameters of fermentation culture are controlled as follows [7]:
(1) The seeds are cultured overnight, and the 0D value is preferably in the range of 2 to 3.
(2) The fermentation culture time is generally 16-18 h, and the culture temperature is 37 °C.
(3) Maintain a pH of 7. during the fermentation. O±0.5, dissolved oxygen is not less than 20%.
(4) In the process of cultivation, the flow acceleration of glucose and trace amount should be adjusted according to the growth condition to keep the dissolved oxygen not less than 20%.
(5) The OD600 value of the fermentation body should be around 70, and the expressed rHGH should be more than 15% of the total body protein.
The fermentation production process is shown in Figure-2:
Figure-2 rHGH API production process [7]
2.3. Separation and purification of rHGH
2.3.1 rHGH rough lifting
First, the engineering cells were separated, and the culture solution was collected, precipitated at the isoelectric point of pH 5.5, salted out by ammonium sulfate, and collected by centrifugation [8].

2.3.2 Chromatographic purification of rhGH
The rHGH protein was purified by G-25 chromatography, Phenyl-Sepharose FF chromatography, Sephacryl S-100 chromatography and DEAE-Sepharose FF ion exchange chromatography to obtain residual DNA, residual engineered protein, related proteins and pyrogens. Relevant pharmacopoeia quality standards [7,8].

2.3.3 rHGH purity identification and activity identification
The purified sample was stained by non-reducing SDS-P AGE and chrome-silver method, and the purity was determined by thin layer scanning. The purified rHGH sample was taken and the protein activity was determined by HPLC (required specific activity was greater than 2.5 IU/ml) [8] .
3. Summary
The use of genetic engineering and fermentation engineering to produce human growth hormone (rHGH) is an effective way to increase production speed and production efficiency, can expand production, and basically alleviate clinical drug tension. However, the demand for drugs is still growing, and the prices of production plants and drugs are still high. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen scientific research and increase the production volume by increasing the level of technology.

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Since HGH and aging are closely related , then the thus arises , in order to improve the level of reduced HGH can HGH supplement prevent aging and inhibiting the progress of aging .

  Since Dr Vladimir radmanovic’s paper was published, Many doctors and researchers around the world do a lot of work on how to supplementary HGH. Specifically , To improve the level of HGH in the body, the body of change are studied.

  The results showed that HGH supplement has the following effect. Here are a few main content.

  Including reduced body fat , increase muscle mass and enhance the vitality of everyday life , improve mood, improve cognitive ability and restore immune function, strengthen bones , lower cholesterol and blood pressure , accelerate wound healing, strengthen the skin and restore smooth skin , promote hair regrowth and restore vision …… so a variety of effects.

  • No supplement HGH and HGH levels improve methods

If there ‘s no supplement of HGH , is there any way to improve HGH level?

In fact in elderly people around 40-50 years old , the majority of which do not need to supplement HGH but through exercise therapy combined with diet therapy, and dietary supplements ( nutritional food supplements ) can promote the release of HGH of the body after intake of essential nutrients , thus increasing the body ‘s HGH level.

For example , studies have shown that aerobic exercise and jogging and other sports, can be a normal HGH levels by 1.5 to 2.5 times . Further, the concentration of stool using dumbbell weight training can be improved 3-5 times the level of HGH .

Diet should eat less sugary and starchy foods , and eating a low fat content and high protein content of foods. This can further enhance the effect of exercise , HGH is also stable release . However , obesity will hinder the release of HGH , so the people that more than the standard weight should first think of ways to lose weight.

Surprising effect on adults

  In this effect and the function of HGH is a more specific description . For example, such data ( Medical College of Wisconsin L • C • Professor Terry published in December 1996 )

  39- 74 – year – old men and women, were 900 results show that after using HGH cholesterol levels and neutral fat (triglycerides) significantly reduced.These are easy to cause the arteriosclerosis of the cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.And reported 80% of the people not only muscle mass increases, but also has to improve muscle strength and endurance, while 74% body fat loss.

  In addition , the results obtained also includes memory improvement ( 64% ) , increased resistance to disease (73% ) , emotional stability ( 67% ) feel there is a positive attitude to life (80% ) , sexual and increased frequency of sexual activity (76%). Found no significant side effects .

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a form of complex protein that is produced in the pituitary gland, which is found in the brain. It plays an essential role in the endocrine system. This hormone is particularly high in growing children and it is responsible for the rapid growth that takes place during this period. It is also used to ensure healthy body tissues in adults. The human brain releases HGH intermittently into an individual’s bloodstream when you are asleep. Its release is crucial for restoration and repair, which usually occurs when we sleep.

In healthy individuals, a large percent of this hormone is released in the initial period of deep sleep. Its release reduces when you stay up late or reduce the number of hours you sleep. Research has revealed that sleep stages have a significant impact on the amount of HGH released into the bloodstream.

Most athletes rely on HGH supplements to boost their performance but scientists believe that all they need to do is get adequate rest each night to attain their objectives. According to a study carried out by Eve Van Cauter, a researcher from the University of Chicago, men tend to experience less deep sleep as they approach midlife and their bodies also tend to produce less HGH. This has prompted researchers to conclude that improved sleep can slow down aging especially in men.

Changes in HGH production and sleep patterns usually begin when an individual is in their late 20s or early 30s. Some scientists blame aging on changing sleep patterns. In males, most of this hormone is released when one is in deep, slow wave sleep. This is when an individual’s brain waves differ widely compared to when they are alert.

HGH release is highest during puberty but it tends to taper off when one approaches early adulthood. This is when most people are unable to attain deep sleep.

Cortisol, a stress hormone is another factor that has been addressed in the relationship between sleep and HGH release among men. Research reveals that cortisol levels usually decrease in the evenings in men in their late adulthood and this helps them to release more HGH. High cortisol levels have also been associated with sleep loss and wear and tear. This provides further evidence that reduced deep sleep can contribute to aging. The body tends to wear out faster when an individual is under stress and their sleep is interrupted.

It is interesting to note that while sleep is essential for both males and females regardless of age, researchers have not found any evidence to suggest a relationship between HGH secretion and deep sleep among women. Research evidence has demonstrated that women do not have the same sleep patterns changes observed in men between early and mid adulthood. Women tend to enjoy deep sleep until they reach menopause when their patterns are disrupted significantly. But it is important to point out that there are limited studies on sleep among women. This may be attributed to hormonal contraceptive use, menstrual cycle, menopause, and hormone replacement therapies that can all alter sleep patterns, making it difficult for researchers to explore female sleep patterns.

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The secretion of Human Growth Hormone can be promoted in two ways – through sleep and through workouts including exercises and sports. In order to understand the effect of these factors on your HGH you must have brief information in this regard provided in this write-up.

Your body produces naturally a powerful substance known as HGH in a pulsating or rhythmic manner for the proper growth of the tissues of your body. They grow rapidly in younger age which decreases gradually with the increase in age if its secretion is not boosted through exercises and sports or through certain supplements. The growth of Human Growth hormone involves the changes in muscles tissues for re-modelling collagen tissues and bones especially for the people looking for adding lean muscle mass to their body.

The exercises and sports along with a good sleep are the best natural sources for boosting the secretion of HGH as they play a great role in the release of this hormone.

Sleep: During the first part of your night sleep the growth of HGH is considered to be the highest when your body gets optimum rest after getting into your bed. You obstruct the growth of this hormone if you cut short your night sleep.

Sports and exercises: Any physical activity, sports or exercise, helps in boosting the growth of this hormone in your body in a natural manner. They help in increasing its release in a number of ways including:

  • Straight forward stimulation by catecholamines

  • Improvement in nervous input

  • Changes in the balance of bodily acids and bases along with nitric oxide and lactic oxide

All of these changes can impact differently on the growth of HGH through different exercises and sports like resistance and endurance training programs along with take home workout kits.

Resistance training: The exercises and sports supporting resistance training are considered as one of the best sources of promoting the exercise induced secretion of HGH. Frequency and intensity are the main factors that help in increasing the production of this hormone. When a bodybuilder lifts heavier weight then his body releases greater amount of human growth hormone. Several large muscle groups are used in resistance training programs to get highest release of HGH as muscle fibres play great role in this process.

Endurance training: Frequency, intensity, duration, as well as the type of exercise or sports played play great role in increasing the release of HGH through endurance training programs. According to the experts you can improve the growth of this hormone during and even after 24 hours of participating in any endurance sport or exercise by performing workouts minimum for 10 minutes above the lactate threshold. In fact, shorter bouts of exercise or sports performed just for few minutes regularly can optimize the production of this hormone as your body improves its production in a pulsatile manner. The effect of endurance sports and training programs increases on the production of HGH if you perform them for longer time.

Thus sports can promote the secretion of Human Growth Hormone for the proper growth and recovery of your muscles from injuries of any kind.

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Every activity in human body is controlled by hormones. Be it growth, deciding the sex of individual or development of primary and secondary sexual characters is all controlled by hormones. Human growth hormone, shortly called as HGH is a peptide chemical which is responsible for stimulating growth of body, reproduction of cells and regeneration of lost body parts in human body. There is a mitogen in these hormones which acts on certain specific kinds of cells only. This hormone contains a long chain of about 191 amino acids. Bonds are all polypeptide in nature.

Certain children suffer from disorders related to growth as they age. Their body won’t develop as they age. As a result of this, a 14 year old boy may look like a 7 year old boy. This is all due to the lack of Human Growth Hormone. For such children, it is necessary to administer the hormone externally to enhance normal growth of their body. Such treatment is usually very costly and can’t be afforded by common man. Hence there is a need for inventing cheaper treatment for such disorders. World famous footballer Lionel Messi was suffering from lack of growth hormones when he was 14 and was treated with growth hormones for gaining normal body growth.

Use of this drug has been made legal for medical purposes, but whether it is 100% safe to use is still a matter of debate. Urine tests can’t detect this drug; hence WADA was finding it very difficult to enforce a ban on this drug. But in 2000, scientists developed a new blood test to detect this drug. This test can easily distinguish between natural HGH and HGH which has been artificially administered into body.

Growth Hormones are homologous to prolactin and chorionic somatomammotropin. Even though there are many similarities between growth hormones of different species, human growth hormone receptors react to only hormones from humans and old world monkeys. There are different molecular isoforms of GH in our body and are all released by pituitary glands into our bloodstream.

Hypothalamus contains neurosensory nuclei which regulates secretion of growth hormone from pituitary gland. There are two types of peptides released by these cells, namely Growth hormone releasing hormone and Growth hormone inhibiting hormone. These two are responsible for regulating the growth hormone secretion in body. There are certain other factors which stimulate production of these hormones. These factors include diet, exercise, sleep etc. lack of these factors may lead to underproduction of HGH and dwarfism may result.

GH is synthesized and secreted by Somatotropic cells which are present in anterior pituitary glands. They are released in a pulsating manner, according to stimulation of hypothalamus. Amount of this hormone in blood varies to a great extent in every individual every moment, but about one hour after sleep, blood contains maximum amount of growth hormone. It may be up to 13-72 ng/dl. More than half of secretion of GH takes place in deep slumber stage, i.e. in third and fourth stage of sleep of a human being which is called NREM sleep stage. So it is a fact which is established beyond doubt that good sleep is a stimulating factor to increase levels of growth hormones in blood.

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Growth hormone deficiency results in only 21 kg diminutive a 13 -year-old girl

13 years old , for a girl , is a beautiful life. However, for a girl suffering from short stature Hsiao Zhen , however, it means anxious and helpless. 13 years of age, 116 cm tall , 21 kg in weight, brought her endless troubles.
Growing pains : often been accused shorty
May 13 afternoon, when her father took the hand , walked into the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, Longhua Road clinic .
” First grade of primary school?” Queue up when there is a old lady say hello to her . From the outside, this little girl wearing a school uniform is not much difference with a first grade student of primary school , as Slap the size of a small face, a pair of big eyes, tiny hands , tiny feet , arms and legs are thin .
Hsiao father’s face filled with bitterness , he put in the hands of medical records clenched tighter. Medical records , her height is 116 cm tall , weighs 21 kg , with an usual first-graders similar. However , her age is wrong : Born in September 2000 , this year has been 13 years old.
And Hsiao- age children, most of them on the seven grade, and can Hsiao because so short , too late enrollment this year, before the fourth grade . Even so , in the class , she is still one of the shortest . “Often people call me shorty , make me angry , ” said Hsiao head down .
” At home, I got to help my mother cook ,wash her brother’s clothes ; at school, I always scores 85 points or more .” Hsiao grumbled , “In addition to short stature , I’m not worse than others , why they laugh at me ? ”
Family poverty : no money can only be discontinued
In 2006 , when her father took her to the hospital , made a number of checks , the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency caused short stature . Doctors recommend its supplemental human growth hormone symptomatic treatment.
” Hsiao very sensible, watching the children grow into this , When their parents could not love dearly. Cure this disease, requires a continuous infusion of growth hormone , however, poor economic conditions at home , off and on , for the treatment of children less than a year , stopped the drugs . ” Hsiao ‘s father said they came to live in wenchang qinglan port rent for a living, he odd jobs on the ship, often went to sea fishing, the wife earn living by pulling passenger tricycle. Shipowner earn 100 dollars, I could be assigned to 10 dollars .” Hsiao ‘s father said , sea fishing , tricycle pulling are both hard manual labor , but do not earn much money. A person live frugally , wanted to give her height cure , but always beyond their grasp .
Doctor: continued treatment there is hope to grow taller
Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital chief physician for Hsiao Chen Zhi impressed .
“In 2006, when her father took her the hospital , looking for me to see a doctor , At that time of her height is the same with a one year old child.” Chen Chi said Hsiao ‘s disease is typical , is caused by human growth hormone deficiency short stature , cure this disease , the younger the better. However, because of economic reasons , Hsiao failed to adhere to treatment , and now the growth conditions is far from ideal. “For a girl, more than 150 cm tall , the crowd was unobtrusive . Hsiao now to calculate the height , she also needs to grow more than 30 centimeters to 150 centimeters. 13 -year-old is the peak growth stage, she has entered the development stage ,if she grows, the possibility of height growth is smaller and smaller, and therefore , Time is pressing . ”
It is understood that the cost of treatment Hsiao is 15,000 -20,000 dollars a year for three years, if the continuous treatment , it takes between 45,000 to 60,000 dollars .
“I’m dreaming of some taller .” Hsiao said, ” If you could grow 30 cm higher , I will not be laughed at .”
” I know it is imperative to treat the child , but no money .” Hsiao ‘s father through the newspaper to the community for help , hoping to have a loving caring person or a businessman can help this child .


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Eleven Chicken Soup For The Soul

Do not expect too much of their own


Some people do things requires perfect,

Almost carping on yourself ,

Often self-blame because of the small flaws,

Victims are themselves .

To avoid frustrate feeling,objectives and requirements should be set within its own sphere of competence , to appreciate their existing achievements, will naturally feel happy .


Do not expect others too


A lot of people put their hopes on others , if the other party can not reach their own requirements , it will be very disappointing . In fact, everyone has his ideas , excellent

And disadvantages , why ask others to meet their demands?


Divert their anger


When we flew into a rage , it will make a lot of things wrong or gaffe . Its better be made ​​in advance then regret afterwards. The anger is transferred to the other hand, on the playing and singing , he learned an Ah Q spirit.


Occasionally have to overcome


A great people doing great things , and a few people split hairs over such small matters, so long as the premise is not affected , sometimes for small things without too much insistence, in order to reduce their own troubles .


Temporarily escape


When life setbacks , he should put it down, do what you love to do , such as exercise, sleep and reading books , etc., until the balance of mind when re- face their own problems.


confided his troubles to his friend.


Put all the depression buried in the bottom of my heart.Will only make yourself unhappy. If you tell your trouble to your close friends or teachers, , the mood will suddenly felt comfortable.


Do something for others


The joy from helping others ,

Help others not only make you forget trouble,

but also can determine their own existence value, more can get precious friendship,

Why not do it ?


Do one thing in a period of time


Dr.Jorge on the basis of the psychological counseling experts found that constitute the main cause of disease such as concerned, the collapse of the spirit is facing a lot of things need to deal with patients, mental pressure is too large and cause mental disease, to reduce their mental burden, should not be doing something more than at the same time, in order to avoid heart exhausted.


Do not compete with people everywhere


Some people mentally unbalanced , simply because they too love to compete , so that their constant state of tension . Should actually get along with, reconciliation.


Good will to people


We often were excluded because people are wary to us. If show their kindness at the appropriate time, to make more friends, less enemies, your mind become calm.




How to keep healthy, the best way to keep healthy is to improve their immunity, here are some tips.


Steps or method


Adequate and restful sleep .

Body at night will be charged,


Lack of sleep

Cause hypertension and obesity.

Additional use of  refresh spirits



2 .

Drink plenty of water . Water helps your body absorb nutrients and the food is converted into energy , can also help you get rid of body Hazardous substances.



3 .

Adhere to the movement. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, such as walking, helps to increase your metabolism and ability.

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Guide on How to Use HGH for Muscle Building

jintropin blog image 2

Building muscle is a personal affair that has the power to transform one’s life for the better. It gives people confidence as they achieve a higher level of aesthetics. A lot has been said about the HGH or human growth hormone which plays a good role in bodybuilding. There are many myths and falsehoods about this hormone but the following is an insight into some of the proven facts about it. This is a guide on how you can used the HGH for muscle building.

HGH is naturally made in the body. It is made in the pituitary gland and just as the name might indicate, its function is cell regeneration or cell growth. This hormone plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all the vital organs in the body stay healthy. For muscles to thrive, there must be growth hormone. Although it plays a crucial role in the body, it stays in the bloodstream for just a little while. During this time, the liver will convert it into growth factors that go into building muscles. If this hormone is produced naturally, why is there a need to supplement? The fact of the matter is that the peak production is at puberty and once people hit the age of 30, the amount produced decreases by 25% each year.

For the above reason, people who want to build muscle can use this hormone to achieve their goals. However, it is important to know how to use it safely and correctly to avoid health pitfalls. The following are some of the top benefits of HGH when it comes to the body. First, it can be used to build stronger bones. It is also great in energy production in the body. It plays a role in muscle repair and growth. In addition it helps in the synthesis of proteins. With all these and other benefits, using it to build muscle must be done with an overall picture in mind.

Below are the main ways to use to build muscle with HGH;

To build muscle, you need to take in about 20% amino acid in your diet. The source of the protein should be clean fats with enough cholesterol which is a great base for your muscle building. Vitamin C intake as well as other B Vitamins will be crucial nutrients in your program.

Training is also another element that must be in place to build muscles. A professional will provide the guidelines on the right workouts to achieve this. Rest is another element that must come to play. During sleep, HGH is synthesized properly in the body.

Finally, with all the above in place, supplementation of HGH can be considered. One can buy over-the-counter HGH suspended in alcohol to get it in small amounts. It is important to acquire this hormone in a manner that is legal and this is one way. Abuse of this hormone is sure to have terrible consequences. From enlarged bones to swollen intestines. In thsi regard, saftey has to come first. This is how to build muscle with this hormone.

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Dealing depression by using HGH supplements

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Yes, it has been proved through various studies conducted in Denmark, England, US and Sweden that Human Growth Hormone can cure depressive disorder. According the report published in the journal of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in December 1996 Dr. L. Cass Terry revealed that more than 65% of the 900 participants in the study has shown improvement in their emotional stability whereas the overall life of 80% of them showed improvement after taking growth hormone supplements.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary glands of human body helps in the growth of children as well as maintaining the youthfulness and health among the adults. But the production of this hormone declines with the increase in age. Its level at the age of 60 years become half to that is found in the age group of 20-30 years. So most of the people are found deficient of HGH after the age of 65 years.

According to an expert on hormone deficiency, Thierry Hertoghe, M.D., this deficiency in growth hormone becomes the cause of the signs of hyper-emotionality or over-anxiety because the growth hormone helps in dealing with stresses due to its calming effect. Decrease in quality of life and level of energy was also observed among the adults having deficiency of HGH.

Research on depression and HGH deficiency

Several researchers including Dr. Benzt-Ak Bengtsson, M.D. at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden, have detected that HGH has the potential to reverse the chronic depression and fatigue as it is believed that it raises the level of endorphin by crossing the bear between brain and blood which helps in improving ones energy level and mood. Along with this it can also lower the level of dopamine that agitates you.

HGH is also has ability to improve your immunity system along with fatigue and depression by boosting your thymus gland shrunk due to your increasing age. In this way HGH can also protect you from a number of serious diseases including infections in your system like candidiasis that helps in increasing depression.

Several studies have also proved that the Growth Hormone can also reverse the functionally declined and shrunken organs due to age including liver, kidney and heart as well as depression related brain injury by stimulating neurons to revitalise glial cells and dendritic connections.

Dealing depression by using HGH supplements

It is worthy to use growth hormone supplements to cure depression caused by the deficiency of HGH due to its inherent ability. But before using these supplements you shod first f all ensure the HGH deficiency is the main cause of your depression. To assess the level of your HGH you should have a blood test to measure the level of somatomedin C or Insulin-Growth-Factor I or IGF-I in your body. The ideal level of IGF-I in the age group of 30-40years should be between 200s and 300s.

Resultantly when you have to fight with depression caused by the deficiency of HGH then you can also try various natural methods instead of using synthetic supplements to increase its level in your body.