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Since HGH and aging are closely related , then the thus arises , in order to improve the level of reduced HGH can HGH supplement prevent aging and inhibiting the progress of aging .

  Since Dr Vladimir radmanovic’s paper was published, Many doctors and researchers around the world do a lot of work on how to supplementary HGH. Specifically , To improve the level of HGH in the body, the body of change are studied.

  The results showed that HGH supplement has the following effect. Here are a few main content.

  Including reduced body fat , increase muscle mass and enhance the vitality of everyday life , improve mood, improve cognitive ability and restore immune function, strengthen bones , lower cholesterol and blood pressure , accelerate wound healing, strengthen the skin and restore smooth skin , promote hair regrowth and restore vision …… so a variety of effects.

  • No supplement HGH and HGH levels improve methods

If there ‘s no supplement of HGH , is there any way to improve HGH level?

In fact in elderly people around 40-50 years old , the majority of which do not need to supplement HGH but through exercise therapy combined with diet therapy, and dietary supplements ( nutritional food supplements ) can promote the release of HGH of the body after intake of essential nutrients , thus increasing the body ‘s HGH level.

For example , studies have shown that aerobic exercise and jogging and other sports, can be a normal HGH levels by 1.5 to 2.5 times . Further, the concentration of stool using dumbbell weight training can be improved 3-5 times the level of HGH .

Diet should eat less sugary and starchy foods , and eating a low fat content and high protein content of foods. This can further enhance the effect of exercise , HGH is also stable release . However , obesity will hinder the release of HGH , so the people that more than the standard weight should first think of ways to lose weight.

Surprising effect on adults

  In this effect and the function of HGH is a more specific description . For example, such data ( Medical College of Wisconsin L • C • Professor Terry published in December 1996 )

  39- 74 – year – old men and women, were 900 results show that after using HGH cholesterol levels and neutral fat (triglycerides) significantly reduced.These are easy to cause the arteriosclerosis of the cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.And reported 80% of the people not only muscle mass increases, but also has to improve muscle strength and endurance, while 74% body fat loss.

  In addition , the results obtained also includes memory improvement ( 64% ) , increased resistance to disease (73% ) , emotional stability ( 67% ) feel there is a positive attitude to life (80% ) , sexual and increased frequency of sexual activity (76%). Found no significant side effects .

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a form of complex protein that is produced in the pituitary gland, which is found in the brain. It plays an essential role in the endocrine system. This hormone is particularly high in growing children and it is responsible for the rapid growth that takes place during this period. It is also used to ensure healthy body tissues in adults. The human brain releases HGH intermittently into an individual’s bloodstream when you are asleep. Its release is crucial for restoration and repair, which usually occurs when we sleep.

In healthy individuals, a large percent of this hormone is released in the initial period of deep sleep. Its release reduces when you stay up late or reduce the number of hours you sleep. Research has revealed that sleep stages have a significant impact on the amount of HGH released into the bloodstream.

Most athletes rely on HGH supplements to boost their performance but scientists believe that all they need to do is get adequate rest each night to attain their objectives. According to a study carried out by Eve Van Cauter, a researcher from the University of Chicago, men tend to experience less deep sleep as they approach midlife and their bodies also tend to produce less HGH. This has prompted researchers to conclude that improved sleep can slow down aging especially in men.

Changes in HGH production and sleep patterns usually begin when an individual is in their late 20s or early 30s. Some scientists blame aging on changing sleep patterns. In males, most of this hormone is released when one is in deep, slow wave sleep. This is when an individual’s brain waves differ widely compared to when they are alert.

HGH release is highest during puberty but it tends to taper off when one approaches early adulthood. This is when most people are unable to attain deep sleep.

Cortisol, a stress hormone is another factor that has been addressed in the relationship between sleep and HGH release among men. Research reveals that cortisol levels usually decrease in the evenings in men in their late adulthood and this helps them to release more HGH. High cortisol levels have also been associated with sleep loss and wear and tear. This provides further evidence that reduced deep sleep can contribute to aging. The body tends to wear out faster when an individual is under stress and their sleep is interrupted.

It is interesting to note that while sleep is essential for both males and females regardless of age, researchers have not found any evidence to suggest a relationship between HGH secretion and deep sleep among women. Research evidence has demonstrated that women do not have the same sleep patterns changes observed in men between early and mid adulthood. Women tend to enjoy deep sleep until they reach menopause when their patterns are disrupted significantly. But it is important to point out that there are limited studies on sleep among women. This may be attributed to hormonal contraceptive use, menstrual cycle, menopause, and hormone replacement therapies that can all alter sleep patterns, making it difficult for researchers to explore female sleep patterns.

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The secretion of Human Growth Hormone can be promoted in two ways – through sleep and through workouts including exercises and sports. In order to understand the effect of these factors on your HGH you must have brief information in this regard provided in this write-up.

Your body produces naturally a powerful substance known as HGH in a pulsating or rhythmic manner for the proper growth of the tissues of your body. They grow rapidly in younger age which decreases gradually with the increase in age if its secretion is not boosted through exercises and sports or through certain supplements. The growth of Human Growth hormone involves the changes in muscles tissues for re-modelling collagen tissues and bones especially for the people looking for adding lean muscle mass to their body.

The exercises and sports along with a good sleep are the best natural sources for boosting the secretion of HGH as they play a great role in the release of this hormone.

Sleep: During the first part of your night sleep the growth of HGH is considered to be the highest when your body gets optimum rest after getting into your bed. You obstruct the growth of this hormone if you cut short your night sleep.

Sports and exercises: Any physical activity, sports or exercise, helps in boosting the growth of this hormone in your body in a natural manner. They help in increasing its release in a number of ways including:

  • Straight forward stimulation by catecholamines

  • Improvement in nervous input

  • Changes in the balance of bodily acids and bases along with nitric oxide and lactic oxide

All of these changes can impact differently on the growth of HGH through different exercises and sports like resistance and endurance training programs along with take home workout kits.

Resistance training: The exercises and sports supporting resistance training are considered as one of the best sources of promoting the exercise induced secretion of HGH. Frequency and intensity are the main factors that help in increasing the production of this hormone. When a bodybuilder lifts heavier weight then his body releases greater amount of human growth hormone. Several large muscle groups are used in resistance training programs to get highest release of HGH as muscle fibres play great role in this process.

Endurance training: Frequency, intensity, duration, as well as the type of exercise or sports played play great role in increasing the release of HGH through endurance training programs. According to the experts you can improve the growth of this hormone during and even after 24 hours of participating in any endurance sport or exercise by performing workouts minimum for 10 minutes above the lactate threshold. In fact, shorter bouts of exercise or sports performed just for few minutes regularly can optimize the production of this hormone as your body improves its production in a pulsatile manner. The effect of endurance sports and training programs increases on the production of HGH if you perform them for longer time.

Thus sports can promote the secretion of Human Growth Hormone for the proper growth and recovery of your muscles from injuries of any kind.

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Every activity in human body is controlled by hormones. Be it growth, deciding the sex of individual or development of primary and secondary sexual characters is all controlled by hormones. Human growth hormone, shortly called as HGH is a peptide chemical which is responsible for stimulating growth of body, reproduction of cells and regeneration of lost body parts in human body. There is a mitogen in these hormones which acts on certain specific kinds of cells only. This hormone contains a long chain of about 191 amino acids. Bonds are all polypeptide in nature.

Certain children suffer from disorders related to growth as they age. Their body won’t develop as they age. As a result of this, a 14 year old boy may look like a 7 year old boy. This is all due to the lack of Human Growth Hormone. For such children, it is necessary to administer the hormone externally to enhance normal growth of their body. Such treatment is usually very costly and can’t be afforded by common man. Hence there is a need for inventing cheaper treatment for such disorders. World famous footballer Lionel Messi was suffering from lack of growth hormones when he was 14 and was treated with growth hormones for gaining normal body growth.

Use of this drug has been made legal for medical purposes, but whether it is 100% safe to use is still a matter of debate. Urine tests can’t detect this drug; hence WADA was finding it very difficult to enforce a ban on this drug. But in 2000, scientists developed a new blood test to detect this drug. This test can easily distinguish between natural HGH and HGH which has been artificially administered into body.

Growth Hormones are homologous to prolactin and chorionic somatomammotropin. Even though there are many similarities between growth hormones of different species, human growth hormone receptors react to only hormones from humans and old world monkeys. There are different molecular isoforms of GH in our body and are all released by pituitary glands into our bloodstream.

Hypothalamus contains neurosensory nuclei which regulates secretion of growth hormone from pituitary gland. There are two types of peptides released by these cells, namely Growth hormone releasing hormone and Growth hormone inhibiting hormone. These two are responsible for regulating the growth hormone secretion in body. There are certain other factors which stimulate production of these hormones. These factors include diet, exercise, sleep etc. lack of these factors may lead to underproduction of HGH and dwarfism may result.

GH is synthesized and secreted by Somatotropic cells which are present in anterior pituitary glands. They are released in a pulsating manner, according to stimulation of hypothalamus. Amount of this hormone in blood varies to a great extent in every individual every moment, but about one hour after sleep, blood contains maximum amount of growth hormone. It may be up to 13-72 ng/dl. More than half of secretion of GH takes place in deep slumber stage, i.e. in third and fourth stage of sleep of a human being which is called NREM sleep stage. So it is a fact which is established beyond doubt that good sleep is a stimulating factor to increase levels of growth hormones in blood.