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Eleven Chicken Soup For The Soul

Do not expect too much of their own


Some people do things requires perfect,

Almost carping on yourself ,

Often self-blame because of the small flaws,

Victims are themselves .

To avoid frustrate feeling,objectives and requirements should be set within its own sphere of competence , to appreciate their existing achievements, will naturally feel happy .


Do not expect others too


A lot of people put their hopes on others , if the other party can not reach their own requirements , it will be very disappointing . In fact, everyone has his ideas , excellent

And disadvantages , why ask others to meet their demands?


Divert their anger


When we flew into a rage , it will make a lot of things wrong or gaffe . Its better be made ​​in advance then regret afterwards. The anger is transferred to the other hand, on the playing and singing , he learned an Ah Q spirit.


Occasionally have to overcome


A great people doing great things , and a few people split hairs over such small matters, so long as the premise is not affected , sometimes for small things without too much insistence, in order to reduce their own troubles .


Temporarily escape


When life setbacks , he should put it down, do what you love to do , such as exercise, sleep and reading books , etc., until the balance of mind when re- face their own problems.


confided his troubles to his friend.


Put all the depression buried in the bottom of my heart.Will only make yourself unhappy. If you tell your trouble to your close friends or teachers, , the mood will suddenly felt comfortable.


Do something for others


The joy from helping others ,

Help others not only make you forget trouble,

but also can determine their own existence value, more can get precious friendship,

Why not do it ?


Do one thing in a period of time


Dr.Jorge on the basis of the psychological counseling experts found that constitute the main cause of disease such as concerned, the collapse of the spirit is facing a lot of things need to deal with patients, mental pressure is too large and cause mental disease, to reduce their mental burden, should not be doing something more than at the same time, in order to avoid heart exhausted.


Do not compete with people everywhere


Some people mentally unbalanced , simply because they too love to compete , so that their constant state of tension . Should actually get along with, reconciliation.


Good will to people


We often were excluded because people are wary to us. If show their kindness at the appropriate time, to make more friends, less enemies, your mind become calm.




How to keep healthy, the best way to keep healthy is to improve their immunity, here are some tips.


Steps or method


Adequate and restful sleep .

Body at night will be charged,


Lack of sleep

Cause hypertension and obesity.

Additional use of  refresh spirits



2 .

Drink plenty of water . Water helps your body absorb nutrients and the food is converted into energy , can also help you get rid of body Hazardous substances.



3 .

Adhere to the movement. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, such as walking, helps to increase your metabolism and ability.