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Guide on How to Use HGH for Muscle Building

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Building muscle is a personal affair that has the power to transform one’s life for the better. It gives people confidence as they achieve a higher level of aesthetics. A lot has been said about the HGH or human growth hormone which plays a good role in bodybuilding. There are many myths and falsehoods about this hormone but the following is an insight into some of the proven facts about it. This is a guide on how you can used the HGH for muscle building.

HGH is naturally made in the body. It is made in the pituitary gland and just as the name might indicate, its function is cell regeneration or cell growth. This hormone plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all the vital organs in the body stay healthy. For muscles to thrive, there must be growth hormone. Although it plays a crucial role in the body, it stays in the bloodstream for just a little while. During this time, the liver will convert it into growth factors that go into building muscles. If this hormone is produced naturally, why is there a need to supplement? The fact of the matter is that the peak production is at puberty and once people hit the age of 30, the amount produced decreases by 25% each year.

For the above reason, people who want to build muscle can use this hormone to achieve their goals. However, it is important to know how to use it safely and correctly to avoid health pitfalls. The following are some of the top benefits of HGH when it comes to the body. First, it can be used to build stronger bones. It is also great in energy production in the body. It plays a role in muscle repair and growth. In addition it helps in the synthesis of proteins. With all these and other benefits, using it to build muscle must be done with an overall picture in mind.

Below are the main ways to use to build muscle with HGH;

To build muscle, you need to take in about 20% amino acid in your diet. The source of the protein should be clean fats with enough cholesterol which is a great base for your muscle building. Vitamin C intake as well as other B Vitamins will be crucial nutrients in your program.

Training is also another element that must be in place to build muscles. A professional will provide the guidelines on the right workouts to achieve this. Rest is another element that must come to play. During sleep, HGH is synthesized properly in the body.

Finally, with all the above in place, supplementation of HGH can be considered. One can buy over-the-counter HGH suspended in alcohol to get it in small amounts. It is important to acquire this hormone in a manner that is legal and this is one way. Abuse of this hormone is sure to have terrible consequences. From enlarged bones to swollen intestines. In thsi regard, saftey has to come first. This is how to build muscle with this hormone.

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Dealing depression by using HGH supplements

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Yes, it has been proved through various studies conducted in Denmark, England, US and Sweden that Human Growth Hormone can cure depressive disorder. According the report published in the journal of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in December 1996 Dr. L. Cass Terry revealed that more than 65% of the 900 participants in the study has shown improvement in their emotional stability whereas the overall life of 80% of them showed improvement after taking growth hormone supplements.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary glands of human body helps in the growth of children as well as maintaining the youthfulness and health among the adults. But the production of this hormone declines with the increase in age. Its level at the age of 60 years become half to that is found in the age group of 20-30 years. So most of the people are found deficient of HGH after the age of 65 years.

According to an expert on hormone deficiency, Thierry Hertoghe, M.D., this deficiency in growth hormone becomes the cause of the signs of hyper-emotionality or over-anxiety because the growth hormone helps in dealing with stresses due to its calming effect. Decrease in quality of life and level of energy was also observed among the adults having deficiency of HGH.

Research on depression and HGH deficiency

Several researchers including Dr. Benzt-Ak Bengtsson, M.D. at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden, have detected that HGH has the potential to reverse the chronic depression and fatigue as it is believed that it raises the level of endorphin by crossing the bear between brain and blood which helps in improving ones energy level and mood. Along with this it can also lower the level of dopamine that agitates you.

HGH is also has ability to improve your immunity system along with fatigue and depression by boosting your thymus gland shrunk due to your increasing age. In this way HGH can also protect you from a number of serious diseases including infections in your system like candidiasis that helps in increasing depression.

Several studies have also proved that the Growth Hormone can also reverse the functionally declined and shrunken organs due to age including liver, kidney and heart as well as depression related brain injury by stimulating neurons to revitalise glial cells and dendritic connections.

Dealing depression by using HGH supplements

It is worthy to use growth hormone supplements to cure depression caused by the deficiency of HGH due to its inherent ability. But before using these supplements you shod first f all ensure the HGH deficiency is the main cause of your depression. To assess the level of your HGH you should have a blood test to measure the level of somatomedin C or Insulin-Growth-Factor I or IGF-I in your body. The ideal level of IGF-I in the age group of 30-40years should be between 200s and 300s.

Resultantly when you have to fight with depression caused by the deficiency of HGH then you can also try various natural methods instead of using synthetic supplements to increase its level in your body.